COVID-19 and cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory drugs – ESC VIDEO

COVID-19 and cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory drugs – ESC VIDEO

Barbara Casadei, president of the European Society of Cardiology talks about cardiological drugs and COVID-19  in this exclusive ESV video with Prof. Garret FitzGerald from the University of Pennsylvania, internationally renowned pharmacologist.

  • Are non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs acceptable for patients with COVID-19? Are there any scientific data about the role of ibuprofen in such cases? Should patients use different  type of anti-inflammatory drugs or not?
  • What is the role of ACE-inhibitors and ARBs for patients with COVID-19? Should people continue taking these medicines if they are infected with the new coronavirus? Are they harmful or beneficial?  Do we have clear evidence or just preclinical theorizing?
  • What do we know about anti malaria drug – chloroquine,  and its capabilities in the fight against  COVID-19? What is the evidence? Is chloroquine our wonder drug?
  • What are scientists’ reasons to think positively these days? What are the efforts in the field of serology? What about new vaccines and new drugs development?
  • Are we seeing a change in the mechanism and speed with which new drugs are being developed and assessed?


Listen to the professional comments of Prof. Garret FitzGerald in the VIDEO below:





Bogdan Joian-Comino
11 apr 2020 14:43

Ne bucuram ca va putem fi de folos, facem eforturi sa le fim aproape medicilor din comunitatea noastra. CredoWeb ca continua sa publice articole pe teme legate de COVID-19 , dar si pe teme medicale de specialitate. Mergem inainte , nu-i asa?

Excelent !