Optimism helps recovery after stroke

Optimism helps recovery after stroke

Higher levels of optimism in stroke survivors was associated with reduced stroke severity according to results of a new study presented at the American Stroke Association's 2020 International Stroke Conference, CNN reports.


If you can stay optimistic about your recovery, you may be able to speed up your healing and reduce disability, the new study says.


Our results suggest that optimistic people have a better disease outcome, thus boosting morale may be an ideal way to improve mental health and recovery after a stroke," said first author Yun-Ju Lai, in a statement.


The small study of 49 stroke patients found stroke severity and levels of interleukin-6 decreased as optimism levels climbed. Interleukin-6 is part of the body's immediate response to injury, but chronic levels have been linked to tissue damage and disease. C-reactive protein, a sign of inflammation in the body, also fell as optimism rose.