Home alternative to smear test 'promising'

Home alternative to smear test 'promising'

Home urine or swab test could potentially help more women discover whether they are at risk of cervical cancer, BBC reports.


The new method could be used as an alternative to the smear test and would not require a visit to the doctor.


The findings, being presented at a cancer conference in Glasgow, suggest the method is feasible and popular.


Self-collected samples


Scientists at Queen Mary University of London asked 600 women to provide self-collected samples for screening.


Although larger trials are needed, the work has been called "promising" and a potential "game-changer".


Even then, it would only be one option for women - as the researchers believe smear tests would continue in their current form.


Future scenarios include some women to order the test kits online, use them at home and then send their sample by post to be analyzed.