A smartphone app helps with migraine

A smartphone app helps with migraine

A smartphone relaxation app was developed to help migraine sufferers reduce the number of headaches, Reuters reported.


Results were reported in a small study, Nature Digital Medicine.



Using the app RELAXaHEAD twice a week was associated with an average of four fewer headache days per month.


Technique of progressive muscle relaxation


The app is based on the technique of progressive muscle relaxation, a proven method of migraine prevention, the authors note. The study team analyzed whether patients recruited from a neurology clinic would use the app regularly and whether they’d have fewer headache days.


On average, participants used the app on 22 days per month, for about 11 minutes per day. Roughly half used it once per week and a third used it two or more times per week. 


Overall, those who used the app twice per week had four fewer headache days the following month, and those who used it once per week had two fewer headaches days. Use of the app tended to drop over time.


I would encourage people who live with migraines to consider a behavioral treatment,” said to Reuters Alice Pressman of Sutter Health in Walnut Creek, California, who wasn’t involved in the study.


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