Transient osteoporosis of the talus: A case report

Transient osteoporosis of the talus: A case report



Alburdeni S, Al-Saei J and Alhaneedi GA

Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hamad Medical Corporation, Alrayan Street, Doha, Qatar





Transient osteoporosis of the talus is a rare condition and not frequently reported in the literature. It is characterized by the acute onset of pain gradually worsening over several months. Usually, this condition affects the hip joint more than others. Radiographic changes occur, but laboratory studies are generally unremarkable. The non-operative measures had a very good outcome in the treatment of this rare condition.

Case report:

This case report describes a 54-year old gentleman who presented with a disabling ankle pain without any history of previous trauma. Detailed history, clinical examination, investigation, particularly MRI was suggestive of transient osteoporosis of the talus, or what is called bone marrow edema syndrome. The patient was treated successfully with non-operative treatment.



Transient osteoporosis of the talus is one of the causes of the ankle pain and always should be kept in mind in the differential diagnosis of the ankle pain especially in non-traumatic conditions.


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Transient osteoporosis; Ankle joint; AVN; Talus


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