The skin-gut axis: A new way of looking at and treating chronical skin diseases like eczema and acne

The skin-gut axis: A new way of looking at and treating chronical skin diseases like eczema and acne

7th Annual congress on Probiotics, Nutrition and Microbes

July 18-19, 2018 Prague, Czech Republic




Marcelline T M Goyen

Huidtherapie Haaften, Netherlands




Journal of Probiotics & Health 



Skin problems such as eczema and acne are still seen by most doctors as a chronic condition. Patients are told that they should learn to live with this.


However, it is becoming increasingly clear that the human microbiome plays an important role in the cause and exacerbation of many disorders such as diabetes, ADHD, depression and intestinal disorders.


In her practice, Marcelline discovered through extensive anamnesis on her patients with skin problems that intestinal and digestive problems seemed to go hand in hand with the skin complaints. Since then she guides skin patients in improving lifestyle and nutrition and in adjusting and improving the dysbiosis in the intestines. She uses feces examinations through a laboratory. A feces study of 19 acne patients (2011) that she set up showed surprising similarities that prompted many research questions.


She also notices a relationship between dysbiosis in the gut and the role of parasites, including the B. hominis and D. fragilis, in the development of chronic skin problems such as eczema. She has achieved several special results in treating skin problems only from influencing the gut microbiota by diet, lifestyle change and pre- and probiotics. The different factors for every individual skin patient such as food, allergy, in the past used medication including antibiotics, lifestyle and stress make treatment of skin patients still tailor-made.


According to Marcelline, the treatment by influencing the gut microbiome offers possibilities in the future to work from chronic skin diseases to healthy skin, without or thanks to the non-use of skin products or skin medication with all the potential for side effects.



Marcelline T M Goyen is an official Dutch Skin Therapist with her own practice since 1999 and she has completed her Bachelor of Health Science since 2003. Her special interest in the cause of skin problems led her to investigate the relationship between skin and intestines, also called the Skin-Gut axis. She studied Gut therapy (2009) and started helping people with skin problems like eczema and acne by treating their gut dysbiose and changing diet and lifestyle. She is now finishing a book about the Skin- Gut axis in relation with the immune system and the microbiome. Her passion is to share knowledge about this axis and to trigger others to follow. She published many articles in several health magazines and is editor for NTVH (Dutch Journal for Skin Care).

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