Paralysed men walk again with spinal implant

Paralysed men walk again with spinal implant

Spinal implant helped three paralysed men walk again thanks to doctors in Switzerland, BBC reported.

An electrical device inserted around the men's spines boosted signals from their brains to their legs. Additionaly, it also helped damaged nerves in the spinal cord to regrow, first results show.
Results about the trial were published in the journal Nature.

How does the spinal implant work?

The electrical implant developed by a team at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). The 3 paralysed men took part in a trial led by Dr Grégoire Courtine at EPFL.

  • Nerves in the spinal cord send signals from the brain to the legs
  • When a spine is damaged, these signals are often too weak to create movement
  • The implant boosts the signals, enabling the patient to walk
  • Some damaged nerves are restored by this movement

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