Denmark leads the world in IVF

Denmark leads the world in IVF

Denmark leads the world in the use of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to build families - an estimated 10% of all births involve such techniques, BBC reports.


Talking about IVF is no taboo and everyone in Denmark knows someone who has gone through IVF. There is a growing number of single women making use of Denmark's liberal IVF rules.


I think that the problem is not necessarily that women don't want the men but that the men don't want to commit to having children. It's either doing it solo or not having children at all”, explains Pia Crone Cristensen - mother to two-year-old Sara, thanks to IVF and donor sperm.


Facts about IVF

Today, only Israel challenges Denmark's IVF crown. It has far more cycles of IVF per million inhabitants - about 5,000 compared with Denmark's 2,700. But a much lower natural birth rate and higher IVF success rate means that Denmark wins on the proportion of babies in the population born thanks to reproductive technology.


The birth of Troels Renard Østbjerg in 1983 marked the start of Denmark's journey from a developed country trying to make the fledgling technology work better to becoming the world record holder for ART births.


Generous state funding

It reflects that we have a public health care system that is paying. Anything which is treatment in Denmark is free, full stop”, explains prof Claus Yding Anderson, at Copenhagen's University Hospital, was part of the team that bought IVF to Denmark. He attributes its popularity to generous state funding.

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