New policies in stroke diagnosis and treatment - VIDEO

Interview of prof. Valeria Caso, president of the European Stroke Organization - ESO

Currently stroke is one of the highest burden diseases in Europe, explained recently in Sofia, Bulgaria, Prof. Valeria Caso, President of the European Stroke Organization (ESO). The organization is called the Voice of stroke in Europe.


There is not enough awareness what is right for the brain and that the patient needs to go to dedicated stroke units and needs to be treated by the right specialist.”


Stroke is the most time dependent disease in Europe. Normally you would think that heart attack (MI) is time dependent. But you have much more time for a heart attack than for a stroke, prof. Caso explains.


Neurologists have to know that stroke is an absolute emergency and needs very structured pathways and a full-time recovery – from recognition to treatment, rehabilitation and admission back home.”


What are the stroke issues in Europe – hear in the attached VIDEO.