All babies of COVID-19 mothers to be tested in the US

All babies of COVID-19 mothers to be tested in the US

All newborns delivered to women with Covid-19 infections, confirmed or suspected, should be tested inthe US.


These are the new guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CNN reports.


If infants are infected, some of the Covid-19 symptoms are similar to what doctors have seen with adult patients -- fever, cough, breathing problems and stomach issues like diarrhea and vomiting. Infants may also appear lethargic.


Babies are most exposed

Infants may be at a higher risk for severe forms of the disease, compared to older children, according to the CDC.  But the data is still pretty limited. Babies are most likely exposed to the virus through respiratory droplets from their mom or from other caregivers or visitors.


There are some limited reports that they may be exposed to the virus right before or even during labor, but the science on that is still unclear, the federal agency said.


The CDC suggests they first be tested 24 hours after they are born and if the test is negative, doctors should test them again the next day. In parts of the country where available testing is limited, the CDC recommends these newborns should be prioritized. Newborns don't need a negative test to be discharged from the hospital.