More than two sodas per day - higher risk of hip fracture in menopause

More than two sodas per day - higher risk of hip fracture in menopause

Older women who drink more than 2 sodas per day may be more likely to suffer hip fractures than their counterparts who consume little to no soda, a recent study suggests, Reuters reports.


Bones become more porous


During menopause and afterward, the body slows production of new bone tissue and women can face an increased risk of osteoporosis. When bones become more porous and brittle, women have an increased risk of fractures.


Soda and other carbonated beverages have been linked to lower bone mineral density in some previous studies, researchers note in Menopause journal. But results have been mixed and prior studies haven’t offered a clear picture of whether sodas are a particular problem.


Increased risk only with more than 2 sodas


In the current study, researchers didn’t find a connection between lower levels of soda consumption and fracture risk. The increased risk was only present when women consumed more than two sodas daily.


The risk with heavy soda consumption persisted even after researchers accounted for other factors that can impact bone health and fracture risk like use of osteoporosis medications, diabetes, coffee intake, income, exercise levels, and maternal hip fracture history.

Impact of sugar and sweeteners to be researched


Based on our results, low or regular levels of soda consumption would not increase the risk of fractures in postmenopausal women,” said Dr. Pedro Kremer, lead author of the study and a researcher at the University of California San Diego and San Diego State University.


More research is also needed to examine the impact of sugar and other sweeteners in soda on fracture risk, researchers point out.


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