Heart & prevention telemedicine

Heart & prevention telemedicine

Middle East Heart Congress

March 18-20, 2019 Dubai, UAE




Sergio d’Arpa

Kilinik Sankt Moritz AG, Switzerland



Journal of Clinical & Experimental Cardiology



What is telemedicine and how can it serve cardiology?

Telemedicine is information and communication technology applied to medicine: a revolution changing the concept of medicine as we know it. In the smartphone era, new devices equipped with health applications are invading the market every day: billion dollar corporations, such as Apple Health and Google Fit, are investing to monitor their customers' health.


But where do these data go?


They end in the hands of these giants and their customers, but not in those of the only people entitled to read and understand them completely: the physicians ones. My name is Sergio d'Arpa and I founded my Company, Klinik Sankt Moritz AG, with the mission to integrate these data and make them available to physicians, anytime, anywhere.


Our digital Clinic

Our digital Clinic is the most advanced in the world and uses the ultimate in technology in the most innovative way. We monitor our patients, anywhere they are, by means of several devices. Our mission is to make active prevention. A clinical screening of the patient, to be performed at their domicile, is done first, under our remote supervision. Only upon completion of these preventive screenings, they are provided with our bundle of devices, named "medical bubble", like a protective bubble always around them. We designed a specific medical bubble for cadiological patients.


Our aim

Our aim is to free them from any concern about their health status, allowing them to live fully. They will be able to sail on their yacht, embracing the open sea without any concern. But also, we free cardiologists from emergency phone calls received while lacking any clinical data of the patient. Our bubble includes even the troponin test. Cardiologists will have a complete overview of the patient even thousands of kilometers away. A cutting-edge system offering serenity and freedom to physicians and patients. Physicians are not required anymore to stay in or near a hospital. And, foremost, we encourage prevention on the healthy patient.