Ozone exposure associated with blood pressure increase  

Ozone exposure associated with blood pressure increase  

Short-term ozone exposure at levels not associated with lung function changes are associated with platelet activation and blood pressure increases, a new study finds. 

It was carried by Drew B. Day, PhD; Jianbang Xiang, BS and Jinhan Mo, PhD. Research data were published at JAMA Internal Medicine .


Aim of the study

The aim of the study was to explain the epidemiologic association between ozone and cardiovascular mortality, and at what concentrations are these mechanisms associated with ozone? Exposure to ozone has been associated with cardiovascular mortality, but the underlying biological mechanisms are not yet understood the authors explain.

A study involved 89 healthy adult participants living on a work campus in Changsha City, China. The participants spent most of their time in controlled indoor environments. 

The researhers measured biomarkers indicative of inflammation and oxidative stress at 4 sessions.

You can read the Abstract HERE.