Children who listen portable players are at risk of hearing loss

The changes are irreversible and consequences are lifelong, a Dutch study shows

Noise-related hearing loss with children is associated with headphones, Reuters reports.


A Dutch research team examined hearing test results for 3,316 children ages 9 to 11. The results show that 443 children, or 14 percent, had at least some difficulty hearing at high frequencies.  High frequency hearing loss, especially in younger people, is often caused by noise exposure.


This hearing impairment is already present prior to exposure to known noise hazards, such as club and concert attendance, and may have lifelong consequences, read the conclusions of the study.


“Although we cannot conclude from this study that music players caused these hearing losses, it shows that music exposure might influence hearing at a young age,” commented to Reuters lead study author Dr. Carlijn le Clercq of Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam.


“This is important, because hearing loss is irreversible and thus has lifelong consequences,” le Clercq said by email.