Anxiety increases the fracture risk in postmenopausal women

This can lead to poor bone health, a study in Italy finds

Postmenopausal  women with higher levels of anxiety are more likely to develop poor bone health that increases the risk of fractures, a small Italian study finds, Reuters reported.


192 postmenopausal women were examined. Those with the lowest anxiety levels had a 10-year fracture risk of about 20 percent, compared with a 25 percent risk among women with the highest anxiety levels, the study found.


A transitional period for the women


Women in this period are particularly vulnerable because during menopause, the body starts producing less of the hormone estrogen, contributing to osteoporosis.


Questionnaires covered  a range of emotions, including tension, fear and restlessness as well as physical symptoms such as insomnia, digestive issues, respiratory problems and tension headaches.


You can read more about the study HERE.